I had always wanted to go on a Ghost Tour so what a better place than history packed San Antonio to have my first one.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to say I was super happy that we did this.
 We chose JR and his Alamo Ghost Hunt tour.  The name is a little misleading but really you meet across from the Alamo by the Ripley's Museum.  JR is very honest and legit, he is the first to tell you that there are no Alamo Ghost tours because they are not allowed.  All you can do at night is peer in, while a guide tells you stories about what people have seen.  JR's tour was excellent.  It was more like an architectural walking tour of San Antonio.  He tells you the history of many of the buildings in downtown San Antonio as well as the sightings that people have had at these various locations.    I really liked his approach because he was not hokey at all.  He did pass out some divining rods and some IR sensors but with no false promises.  He simply explained how they were used and everyone in the group got one to use during the tour.  JR is a super down to earth guy and I highly recommend his tour. 
 Of course this was a night tour and I was so glad because the day was so hot.  I recommend enjoying a nice dinner and then making this part of one of your evenings.  As a newbie to Texas I really learned a lot and San Antonio is such a great city with beautiful buildings.  I would take this tour again in a heartbeat.  The tour ends at what is claimed to be the most haunted place in San Antonio, The Governor's Mansion.  Apparently a women roams this mansion and if I remember correctly a small girl died in this room.
Wishing you a spooky but safe Halloween!