I've been living in Mission, Texas for 8 months now and I finally found out how this town gets its name.  You've guessed it, where this chapel now stands used to be the home of a Catholic Mission. I had been wanting to visit this chapel but I was a little scared to do so because you have to go on a dirt road and it is a stone's throw from the Mexican border and it case you haven't heard, it's not safe to go across to Northern Mexico.  
 With passport in hand, (just in case!) B and I drove to this sweet little gem.  La Lomita Chapel has a long history.  The King of Spain granted this land to the US in 1767 and later the Oblate fathers took it over.  The French Oblate priests ministered to all those that traveled between Brownsville and the surrounding areas.  It's really interesting living in this part of the USA because many people do come and go.  There are many transplants in this area, including myself.   But how lovely, that in days past, there was a mission here to welcome and shelter those that were making their journey north.

There are a few stories floating around (no pun intended) about ghost sightings in this chapel.  I did not see a thing but as beautiful as this little chapel was, it did have a spooky little feeling.  I think it's mostly because this area is desolate and there have been many people who have lost their lives around here just trying to make there way to the USA.  When B and I were here, there was nobody in sight, but again this chapel is off the beaten path so that's no surprise.
The original Mission is no longer here but La Lomita Chapel is a beautiful building that still ties the city of Mission to it's origins. For more info on La Lomita click here.  La Lomita Chapel is three miles south of Expressway 83 on FM 1016. The chapel is open from dusk until dawn daily.
Does your city have an interesting story behind it's name?