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Feeling Catty

Hello dears! I have not fallen off the map, I've of just been busy on the job hunt.  I'm not much of a prints gal but I thought this shirt would help me as I hunt away.  And since I tend to favor my aviators I brought out my Ray Ban cat eyes to switch it up.  Don't know about you but this has been the longest summer e v e r .  Here in South Texas it started in January when I got here and I am dying to wear fall fashions.   Luckily I have these dressy shorts to help me get away with looking put together without going into heat stroke.
Have you started adding fall touches to your wardrobe? 


Luxx Mint said...

Love the sunglasses, i can't wait to get some heat when I head to the states next week, it's turned really cold here in the uk.

Love the blouse, it really suits you!

Luxx Mint

Seaside Style said...

ILike! You look so chic,lady!

Odyssey Home said...

Chic and elegant! That type of print really suits you, as do the glasses.
Best wishes with the job hunt.
Fall touches include darker lipstick on occasion (Chanel Rouge Noir); and leggings more often now that it's no longer in the 100s.
My memory of autumn is vague. It was always my favorite season, but I have been in the subtropics my whole adult life, so..

Madeupgirl said...

This blouse looks so good on you. I have been shopping buying fall looks but I have not worn anything since is is always 100 here.

missgiven said...

You look fabulous! Super chic!
I added some burgundy skinnys, some snake print skinnys, 2 black jackets and some tan riding boots.

Nicolle said...

You look so pretty! Love these pictures. I know what you mean, summer is LONG in Texas, and I know it's even longer for you down there in South Texas. I just pulled out some of my fall clothes, and I most definitely need to update my wardrobe this year. You are so cute and stylish, and inspirational to me. :)

creativefashionglee said...

Lovely leopard top, I´m a fan of the print too.

anita said...

looking uber chic laura :)

paisleysummer said...

Love the glasses, earrings, the whole outfit! x