TRÜ Protection has done it again with providing us beach lovers beautiful iphone covers for this new season.  The Heather Brown Collection has three designs that not only will beachify your phone but they also contribute 15% of the profits to three very important organizations.
The Sea•thos  Foundation has a mission statement that I think we can all support.  They are committed " to promote education and awareness of the human impact on the world's oceans."  As I mentioned above, 15% percent of the proceeds of Heather's "Double Overhead" design  (on the top left) will benefit Sea•thos  and their efforts to save our oceans.  The "Sea Siren" design benefits the Kokua Hawaii Foundation that supports environmental education in schools and community in Hawaii. Last but not least is possibly my favorite the "3 Little Birds" design that instantly had me in a Bod Marley kind of groove. This sweet design will provide 15% percent of its funds to the Wyland Foundation whose mission is "to promote, protect and preserve the world's oceans waterways and marine life."
How about updating your phone with an air jacket made out of 100% post consumer recycled plastic and contributing to a fabulous green cause?   Head on over to TRÜ Protection and pick your favorite design.  And why visit Heather Brown's art site for more gorgeous art work and a little bit of the Mahalo spirit??  Her work is so optimistic and inspiring, I can't get enough.