Maybe because it's perpetually summer here in South Texas but I have been in a nail color rut.  I love my corals and I embraced the mint madness but I was in search of more inspiration.  Then I found Butter, oh boy! 

 These soft pastels are kind of calling me right now.  Colorful but classy and not too loud.  I do think the neon trend is fun but I'm a little over it already.
Aren't these blues delicious for fall?  Honestly, I am ready to rock the darker shades.  The Fourth of July is not even here and I am dreaming of a winter vacation in a cabin, sipping coffee with my blue Butter sparkly nails wrapped around my cup. Now that I think about it, the blue on the left "Big Smoke" would be perfect for the holiday weekend.  Navy blue glitter, I say YES!
What shades are you wearing right now?