Honeymoon Beach is a perfect spot for those seeking some alone or quieter time.  It is located right next to the Caneel Bay Resort .  You enter through the Caneel Resort and then walk about 1/4 of a mile to the right and voilá!  This will be your view.
 There is a little more "wave" activity because of nearby boats but I am using "waves" loosely here.  As you know I am from California and we have serious waves there.  One thing I really like about this beach is that you have the most beautiful silvery water one minute and then back to turquoise. 
The key is to find a spot underneath one of these trees and tuck yourself back in there so you don't get too much sun. Trust me, you won't be leaving the islands without a tan, so DO put on sunscreen because nothing is worse than ruining your vacay with a bad burn.  Anyway, this is a lovely spot to spend some time.  On your way in to the beach via Caneel I recommend you stop by the Caneel Gift shop while you are still clean and unsandy.  They also have some amenities that you might need to reload on such as water and sunscreen.