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Now that's it's really the weekend, we can really go out for a night on the town.   This Spring and Summer I have been obsessed with GOLD.  I have shown you this watch from mark.  like 90 times and with the warm weather I thought I would pair gold and blue for a little elegant nautical vibe.  Of course you need a little bag to carry the essentials, so I was so thrilled to re-discover this golden clutch from mark. in the sealaura vault!!  I love it when I can shop from my own closet.  Do you ever do that? Go through your "inventory" and fall in love all over again?! Silly, I know but I do enjoy those girly moments.
 How about you, Gold or Silver?  Do you mix your metals?


plaits and paisley said...

I love your watch and the combinations with other jewellery and bags.
I used to be an all one metal girl, but have been more adventurous of late and am loving the mix of silver and gold.
Have a great weekend x

beachcomber said...

pretty photos! love your watch & the gold with navy.

gina feddersen said...

Great watch! Gold is like the sun. I am a gold fan!

katrice said...

that watch is AMAZING! I've been thinking about getting one similar to that style and you just completely sold me on the idea. I shop my closet all the time i just recently found an old pair of jeans from high school and totally fell in love with them all over again.

O D Y S S E Y said...

Looking pretty, Laura. :)
I wear little jewelry these days but sometimes will wear shoes with brass hardware (Fiorentini & Baker, Chie Mihara, for instance, use brass on their footwear) with white gold wedding band and silver earrings. Does that count? ;)

Nicolle said...

I usually stick with all gold. I wish I was more brave and would mix jewelry. I love it on others, I just don't like it on me. Your necklace is gorgeous!

Enjoy your week. I bet you are glad that your husband is HOME! :)

missgiven said...

Gold, silver and I mix. I like rose gold but it doesnt match me.

Heather said...

love your watch! I don't usually mix metals, I'm trying to decide whether to get a gold or a silver watch!

Cindy Whitehead said...

I love to mix and these all look gorgeous on you!!

ach said...

STILL obsessing over your pic! ABSOLUTELY LOVE that necklace esp with chic navy.

ach said...

STILL obsessing over your pic! ABSOLUTELY LOVE that necklace esp with chic navy.