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Earrings: My Current Faves

I have never been much of an earring girl but I have recently realized how a litle stud can go a long way. Even when all I've got going on is walking the dogs, I pop on a pair of these babies and feel just a little bit more sophisticated.  It really is all about the little things and creating an ambience that makes you feel good about yourself.  Recently, I  looked through all the baubles that I've acquired along the way and realized I need to give them more time on the stage.  These are the stars of the moment.
What piece of your jewelry are you obsessed with right now?


Nicolle said...

Those are all so pretty. I know what you mean, I just put on some earrings this morning and I feel better! I wore some diamond hoops for about 10 years that my mom gave me. They broke a couple of months ago, and I didn't wear earrings for the longest time. I feel more complete with them on though. AND, I need to get my hoops fixed b/c they are my favorites!

Have a good day.
Enjoy pilates, and a few more cookies. :)

missgiven said...

Love them all. I recently decided I need to wear more long earrings.
Black Keys were great but they couldve played another hour for me. :)
Have you tried Aerosoles shoes? I am loving them! Bought 2 pairs and they are so comfy and my daughter said they look sexy so SCORE!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Very glam! Yeah...I need to do that too!

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

They're all gorgeous but my faves are the pearl clusters.