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Sometimes it can seem like we have the most uninteresting weeks, but thanks to our gadgets we are able to look back and realize how many colorful and fabulous moments we were able to enjoy. I started the week a little sad but then I picked up my camera and re-dedicated myself to truly being the Creative Director of this enterprise.  And as Creative Director, I am on the hunt for a new and easy photo editing tool for the blog.  Ever since Picnik closed I am at a loss.  I made this collage on a site called PosterMyWall and I like it, but want to explore a few more options.  Do you have any suggestions?  Anyway, although I do most of my photoshoots as I hang on to 2 leashes we are excited for what this weekend will bring. 
How do you add color to your days?


Nicolle said...

I'm so sorry that you started the week off sad. I love that you were able to turn it around. I love your collage. Your pictures make me happy and inspire me! I miss picnik. I hear that picmonkey will soon have collages. I just got on Instagram too. Are you on it? I can make collages on my iphone, but I'm just now learning, as I just bought it 2 days ago. I'm so behind on technology!

Sending you a big hug, and wishes that your week ends on a high note.

anita said...

You've inspired ne to collage my week;)
I will go with the one u used! Happy friday

beachcomber said...

i love your vibrant collage! i'm missing picnik too, thanks for the link.

Beach House Living said...

picmonkey, photoscape and gimp may be some to try.

I like photoscape.

plaits and paisley said...

LOvely collage Laura. A great way to remember your week. I can barely remember what I did yesterday sometimes!
I haven't found a new photo editor, I had really only just got the hang of picnik when they closed it. x

Carmi Levy said...

My daughter's taking Picnik's closing fairly hard: Doesn't know what to use now. Does Google's Picasa Web Albums offer anything remotely usable? I've dabbled in it a few times, but always gave up because the feature set was pretty limited.

Whatever tools you use, we can always count on you to shine a bright light on your world. What a delightful collage!

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

Love the collage & I add colour to my day by buying fresh flowers every week!