It's a late lunch day today.  The mornings seem to evaporate around here.  I was having another one of those days where I wanted to run out to Subway and buy lunch because I could not find a n y t h i n g in the pantry to put together.  Then suddenly taboule salad on this hot South Texas Day seemed perfect.  Don't get too excited this is out of a box, the Near East Taboule is a good friend of mine and usually when I make it people are super impressed.  The mint, parsley and garlic are the perfect combination of flavors to make you feel like you are eating something exotic, fancy and on top of that it is indeed delicious.  I'm thinking this cold salad might be perfect to take to the beach along with a few sanwiches.  We had salami and provolone with tomato and spinach today.
What food do you like to take to the beach?