My fascination with Wonder Woman as a child is what began my love for cuffs.  Lucky for me my dear husband gifted me this orange cuff from Wimberly Inc. a Texan company that has a tremendous array of enamel bracelets among other goodies.  They have something for everyone, nautical, preppy, you name it.  In fact they just launched a pink and green collection that is just plain perfect.
 Of course this tangerine orange is the color of the moment and you know how much I love orange as seen here and here.  So I wear my new Texan cuff with pride as I try to embrace my new home. 
I've been spending a lot of time outside lately because our one bedroom apartment has us going batty and I need to exercise the dogs more.  Truth be told, I am getting the most exercise going up and down three flights of stairs for what seems to be 50 times a day.  So we are changing it up and just lounging on the grass and empty fields nearby tossing the ball around.
How are you spending these first days of Spring?