The Water Dancer is a series of short films in which Quiksilver ambassador and world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore meets and converses with premier dancers to learn what inspires and drives them and how their dancing relates to her passion of surfing.  It makes complete sense that dancing and surfing mesh since both require being centered and in touch with how your body moves.  I've posted Stephanie's interview with ballet dancer Tiler Peck but you can find more inspirational videos here.  
I also really like the parallel that Stephanie drew between dance and surfing:

“I once read that surfing a wave can be described as a dance performance: 'The wave is your stage and the sun is a spotlight.’ I like to think surfing and dance have similar qualities like power, grace, improvisation, rhythm and most of all, performance. When I'm competing, the majority of my drive comes from the performance. When I'm surfing I want to be powerful, but perform with style and grace, similar to that of a dancer.” 

Of course it's hard to ignore the super cute outfit that Stephanie is wearing in this interview.  Since I am now back to being full time CEO of sealaura, I thought this outfit definitely would be work appropriate.  Quiksilver is a brand that is synonymous with the beach but apart from having a fab selection of surf gear, there are so many other goodies I would not mind getting my hands on.
What about you?  Are you a water dancer?