Carmel is one of those magical places that often hosts honeymooners and the likes of the rich and famous.  But one of my favorite things about Carmel is that it is a very dog friendly beach town.  Most hotels accomodate pets, so no need to leave your pup home. 
Since we are fairly new to the area, we still have a lot of exploring to do, and on one Sunday we decided to look for the sea in "Carmel by the Sea".  It turns out it is a gorgeous beach with lovely cypress trees and white soft sandy beaches.  It is also a dog' lover's paradise.
 I could have sworn that every dog was smiling from ear to ear.  I have been to other dog beaches (remember Huntington in SoCal?)  and this is by far my favorite.  There is a calmness in the air  and the dogs were in a zen zone.  Not to mention that the view of Pebble Beach and the beautiful blue water is also not bad to look at!
Once you are done by the beach, you can head to one of the many dog friendly restaurants and eat with your pup, and there are also tons of dog friendly boutiques to enjoy as you walk through the town.  
Where have you taken your dog on vacation?