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Carmel by the sea

 Carmel is one of those magical places that often hosts honeymooners and the likes of the rich and famous.  But one of my favorite things about Carmel is that it is a very dog friendly beach town.  Most hotels accomodate pets, so no need to leave your pup home. 
Since we are fairly new to the area, we still have a lot of exploring to do, and on one Sunday we decided to look for the sea in "Carmel by the Sea".  It turns out it is a gorgeous beach with lovely cypress trees and white soft sandy beaches.  It is also a dog' lover's paradise.
 I could have sworn that every dog was smiling from ear to ear.  I have been to other dog beaches (remember Huntington in SoCal?)  and this is by far my favorite.  There is a calmness in the air  and the dogs were in a zen zone.  Not to mention that the view of Pebble Beach and the beautiful blue water is also not bad to look at!
Once you are done by the beach, you can head to one of the many dog friendly restaurants and eat with your pup, and there are also tons of dog friendly boutiques to enjoy as you walk through the town.  
Where have you taken your dog on vacation?


Ms. Givens said...

These are fabulous photos. My dogs go nowhere. Laila is uncontrollable and Paxton is afraid of everything.
I felt no earthquakes. Can you believe that?!

O D Y S S E Y said...

happy dog photos!
what an awesome place. you describe it so well.
i love those trees and the lovely scenery.
we now take doxy on road trips. in our carib years, we took her on sailing trips, only she doesn't really like sailing. we set out for st martin once but the sea conditions grew worse, so we turned around and came back home! doxy did surprisingly well on that rough passage...unlike my dad, ha!

beachcomber said...

a beautiful place..have been there many years ago.
love your photos! the dogs look very happy.

Sarah B. said...

Looks like fun!!

Sam said...

I had a (very!) mini holiday looking at those beautiful photos! Thank you! The cypress trees are gorgeous!

Joyce said...

Great photos! I love Camel not only for its beauty but I'm a fan of Doris Day and now happy to know it is a dog loving place. The welsh in the photo remindse of our old pup Buddy. xo

LRS4AMANDA said...

The Cypress Inn in Carmel! Had the most fun ever and our dog loved the beach there. Looking at your pictures brings back fond memories... After that we took her to Santa Barbara, there was a B&B that also allowed dogs.

Linda in San Diego

Love of the Sea said...

I haven't take my dogs on vacation with me...but I totally would. We do take them down to The Keys where we have a place and for them I guess it is like going on vacation. Every time I visit your blog - it makes me want to go on vacation to the California coast. Such great photos!

Cindy Whitehead said...

I'm loving all your doggie shots! My dogs love the beach too, but after Malibu tried to "swim" when he was younger (OK he was chasing a ball) and got thrown under by a wave it freaks me out to have them on the beach. Yeah mine are pretty much hell raisers. *sigh*

Ocean Dreams said...

I absolutely love Carmel by the sea. It's such a gorgeous location. My boyfriend's friend had a wedding there about three years ago. We need to go back! Love how happy these pictures are and your dog looks like he is in his element!