During our drive to the Jade Festival we passed this large volcanic rock which is the home to the Point Sur Lighstation.  The Lighthouse was first lit in 1889 and continues to be in operation.  Back in the day, the lighthouse keepers and their families used to live on the property before technology came along and allowed for automatic operation.  (boo!)  What a nice treat it must have been to live here.  Although it does look like it is in the middle of nowhere this facility is 19 miles away from Carmel, so it must have been a perfect oasis, in the middle of nature, yet with amenities not too far away..
Another interesting fact is that this volcanic rock was also the home to the Point Sur Naval Facility which was part of a network of defensive listening stations.   According to the website they used to track and listen to Soviets submarines.  Today it continues to function as the only Sound Surveillance System facility on the West Coast.  I've passed this rock many times in my years and always wondered what went on and now I know! How about you? 
Are there any places near your house that are a mystery to you?