Yesterday we headed out towards Point Lobos State Reserve but due to some unforseen renovation we had to change our plans.  So we decided to keep heading south towards the Carmel Highlands. And as you can see, we were not dissappointed at all.  It was absolutely breathtaking!
 There are a few areas, where you can park your car which lead to a little coastal access.  Not a big hike at all, I was in my flip flops and did ok, although if you are not a steady walker definitely put on some sneakers and don't walk near the edges, I sure didn't!  Once we walked about 3 minutes in we were mesmerized by the stunning turquoise waters.  Although we could hear the seals, I did not manage to spot one for but do you see the hikers on top of the cliff?  Also there is a nice bench at the end of this cliff which I bet is a great spot to enjoy the sunset.  Just so you know this spot in particular is not a place you can go swimming and access the beach, and if you have ever been to the central coast, you know the water here is COLD.
This is about 15 minutes from our casita in Seaside and since it has finally turned into summer here in Monterey, we took advantage and ventured out.  It never gets old to drive down Highway 1 plus if you keep heading south down Highway 1 and Big Sur is not too far.   Do pack some water and maybe a few snacks and your camera of course!  We just did a quick drive and then turned around and explored the white sandy beach at Carmel by the Sea (stay tuned!).
It's been a while since we have shown you our silly classic L&B shots.  We have plenty of these angles since it is just the two of us and the pups.  Maybe we will remember to pack a tripod next time.