I recently spotted these sweet little items at a craft. I hadn't seen anything like this before and it looks like a doable craft. Little did I know that these air plants are a very popular way to have a little terrarium of sorts and in my view a little bit of the beach wherever you are. The type of plants are called Bromeliad Tillandsia which are a species of epiphytes. The reason why these little plants do so well is because they acquire their water and nutrients through their leaves. I think I am in love with this independent free spirit plant.
One thing I learned about these "air plants" is that they are very tolerant of high temperatures and long periods without water which is perfect for a black thumb like myself. They also do not require direct sun which makes them perfect for my beach casita in Monterey, the land of fog. I took a peek at etsy and it looks like you can find some air plants there and of course you can also give it a go yourself and make your own. If you give it a go, let me know!
How are you keeping the beach alive in your casita these day?

Location:Clay St,Monterey,United States