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Isle Style : Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

I clipped this picture out of Vanity Fair a while back and just fell in love with the natural beauty of Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward (& pup).  The lighting of this photograph is just dreamy and warm. Paul Newman met his wife Joanne while filming "A Long Hot Summer" (1958) have you seen it?  Click here for a a little taste.
Don't you just love her head scarf?  Both of them look so natural and at ease enjoying a beachy day.


Ms. Givens said...

Wasnt he cute?
Summer perfection in this photo!

anita said...

takes me to a dreamy place!

style odyssey said...

wow, dreamy.
i've heard of that movie, never saw it...will add it to the list.

drollgirl said...

omg he was the dreamiest man EVER. and this photo is fab. and NOW i am adding this movie to my netflix q!!!!

beachcomber said...

beautiful photo! wasn't he divine. not sure if i've seen the movie but i will have a look now.

NauticalCottageBlog.com said...

They were such a fabulous couple and I absolutely love this photograph.

Hope you're having a beachy week, Laura!


Love of the Sea said...

This is such a wonderful photograph. Kind of makes me sad. They were such a vibrant and wonderful couple. How hard it must be for her to be without him.

Desert Dreaming said...

Beautiful and natural photograph. I'm a huge fan of the "Glamour Years" of Hollywood, no...it's one of my obsession!!! The true Hollywood Movie Stars, their lifestyles, and all that particular era offered, that I wished we had today. Just a great post!!!


Melissah said...

I haven't seen ityet but you have inspired me! They do make a handsome couple don't they.

simpledaisy said...

I thinking more like....I love him!!! haha!!!! What a fabulous looking couple:)

Linda said...

Great shot! I had met Paul Newman several times in the 70's and 80's. I knew both his daughters, we were from the same town in CT. I will tell you he was very short, and his eyes were the most stunning blue I had ever seen! He was very kind!

Bella-Fleur said...

He is one cool dude! what a lovely couple

Loui♥ said...

Loved them separately..
and as a couple..
his eyes were the most incredible BLUE!
and to all my mer-sisters:
I'm still dragging my toes through the sugary white sands of my beachy home/paradise,while sharing the joy/luxury with YOU!!
tomorrow,,winging my way westward..
back home to Denver..
savoring each and every detail during the long winter ahead..
warmest sandy hugs to all!!

Patrick said...

Really love Paul Newman's easy style. Have you ever seen that picture shot in 1957, just before the release of wonderful Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on which he's wearing dark blue wool cardigan, white crew neck t-shirt, worker trousers, white socks with some kind of low dark sneakers?

If you wanna see it, go to initialsao.tumblr.com and you'll see how MODERN he looked like 55 year ago!!! With some really outstanding details like his slim black leather wrist watch, and strikingly well-shaved face like on today's catwalks.

Enjoy as I did!