Ready to make yourself a summer cool bracelet?  I was recently inspired by Brooke from the Just. B blog when she posted her tutorial on how to make these thread wrapped bracelets.  I love DIYs but I am terrible at following instructions and sometimes with following through, but this project seemed super do-able and inexpensive!
 Ok, so you can pick up any kind of bracelet, an old one, a wood one from a craft store like Brooke did here, or a metal one it really does not matter.  I found these on clearance at Michael's for about 2 bucks. 
 You will also need some floss thread, the kind I recently showed you for my attempt at friendship bracelets (still working on results!).  I picked out some bright summery colors with a little pop, but there are a million choices for color ( each thread packet is about 35 cents!).
 Brooke sold me when she stated all you have to know how to do is tie a knot to do this DIY.  And that is the truth.  If you have followed my other craft adventures, you might recall I am not too worried about perfection, and this is my kind of project beacause you can wrap around your ahem... mistakes!
 It was so fun and easy even Norman got in on the action.
There you have it!  Obviously you can tie a knot and switch to a different color and create whatever pattern you want.  If you give this project a go, do share your pics on my FB page.
Happy 2nd day of summer, are you working on any crafts?