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Turquoise sails...

I never get tired of photographing boats.  This one with it's turquoise sails caught my eye when B and I headed to the fish market.   I have to say it is such a treat to go straight to the fisherman and be able to enjoy fresh seafood plus no trip to the supermarket has this view.
I have also been impressed by how beautiful the water is here.  Down in SoCal it can be hit or miss with capturing turquoise waters.  Laguna and Malibu are beautiful of course, but now I'm finding that Monterey is pretty consistent with beauty.
What do you find yourself photographing over and over again?


Loui♥ said...

my favorite photos are Beaches..
sugary white beaches with undulating turquoise, emerald greens,,and finally in the distance kissing the the sky..the deepest violet/navy bleu waters....
on those beaches, I love the smiling faces of family and friends..
or the lonesome solitude on a gray day..
sunrises and sunsets are perfect entrees and desserts..
next passionates: roses, columbines..and all sorts of flowers..
my list is endless..
I try to discover something new every day!
warmest sandy hugs..

S said...

I love your blog so much! It's tranquility within a blog. Your post about boats reminded me of an artist up in Cape Cod, MA. Anne Packard is a great artist and she loves to paint coastal scenes with...boats! She also is drawn to boats. Here's a link to satisfy your love of boats!


S said...

Since I'm landlocked, I find I'm drawn to the blue sky. A perfectly clear sunny blue sky day will make me happy. If it's a breezy day, I'll just pretend I'm enjoying ocean breezes..

style odyssey said...

wow, that water IS rather turquoise, it could be south florida; it's very close to caribbean blue. just gorgeous.

i like the turquoise sail covers! i grew tired of a particularly ubiquitous color of biminis and sail covers we called "sunbrella blue", ugh. it was what most of the charter companies used. so it's always nice to see something different on the water. :)

nice post, laura!

style odyssey said...

p.s. speaking of turquoise, i found myself photographing that caribbean water over and over...sometimes it was literally only the water, camera pointed straight down. :) i grew so obsessed, i did a series of photos on my art blog.

since we left, i haven't found anything else so inspiring. maybe it'll be our texas sunsets...they're very colorful.

Ms. Givens said...

Very pretty. It wasnt until I took a cruise that I appreciated the many colors of the ocean.

Rose West said...

I never get tired of boats either! It would be a dream to have one someday...

Beach House Living said...

Like you it's the ocean. It's always changing so it's really not quite the same photo ever.

Love of the Sea said...

The water looks beautiful. So glad you are settling in nicely!!

Taylor said...

i think i was a sailor in a previous life, i have an affinity towards boats and the sea as well.

Cloudia said...

after 19 years living aboard, I am looking forward to merely photographing boats!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

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Desert Dreaming said...

As always, just beautiful pictures...there is something about a sail boat anchored in the water that is so calming...and the water color is unreal. Couldn't be more perect. Our water is still very blue here, but as the heat of the summer approaches, it becomes a deeper shade.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


becky said...

Lovely shots, Laura...I'm always trying to capture a decent picture of a sailing ship but they never come close enough...currently, I'm always trying to capture better shots of the moon~~particularly difficult to do when you're pointing the camera directly into the light...trying different things...

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

absolutely beautiful shots!!! i think monterey is simply gorgeous, i never went to an ugly beach and your right the water is the perfect color!