This past weekend we attended the Castroville Artichoke Festival.  Legend has it that in 1948 Marylin Monroe was named the artichoke queen.  Pretty cool huh?  I love me a good little festival so B and I decided to check it out on Saturday and cute it was.  We were done in about one hour taking it all in but it was nice to check it off our bucket list ! ;)
 They had cooking demonstrations, craft vendors, old car show and the typical festival flair.

 This area is known for being the "salad bowl" since a huge part of the US recieves their veggies from this part of Cali.  It is beautiful and also eye opening when we drive past the hardworking farmers and migrant workers.
Castroville refers to itself as the Artichoke center of the world, so we could not leave without having a taste of a grilled artichoke.  It was AMAZING. So if you are ever in these neck of the woods, make sure you get yourself some!
What is your favorite veggie?