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Simple Shell Tablescape...

As you can imagine life has been a bit hectic around here, so I have not even started with the wedding planning.  But yesterday this table set up caught my eye.  I like how simple it is and how the shells just give it that extra touch.  I really want the wedding to be beachy, elegant, but informal.  So basically I am a bit all over the map, but I feel that shells can create that informality and elegance all at once.  Apparently Monterey is a BIG place where people come to get married, so I don't think I will have any trouble finding inspiration and this was a nice start.   
What beachy touch would you include in your wedding?


Desert Dreaming said...

Love the tablescape!!! Last spring my niece had her wedding on Anna Maria Island, here in Florida. There were many unique touches to this wedding. One thing I loved was as you entered the area under the white tent to sign the guest book, there were a large variety of seashells and starfish laid upon some tropical foliage with guests names attached to them, and you would take your shell and match it to the one on the table that you were to be seated, then the guest could of course keep the shells after. And the center pieces, were similar to the ones in the top left picture, but filled almost 2/3 the way up with white sand, sea glass, and a few shells, and the rest with water, and had a floating white candle, and it sat on a small round mirror for the beautiful reflection…and it was gorgeous when the sun went down. They had a number of other unique beach details there, including the cake. The colors of the wedding were, white, cream with the girls dresses in a guava color…the cake was detailed in that color, very tropical, elegant, with the shell and starfish theme in the icing…unreal! One more thing, I know you must have seen this, but all the wedding invitations were rolled up in a small bottle, with a tiny bit of sand and very tiny shell and had the cork top, like a message bottle thrown into the sea. They sprayed the cork with a coconut perfume, and when you opened it, you felt as though you were on the beach. The whole wedding was just beautiful, elegant, but yet casual at the same time. Can't wait to see what yours looks like, with your naturally wonderful talents, I am sure it will be beautiful in every way.


Joyce said...

A beach them will be so much fun to plan. I think it would be fun to include a message in the bottle. There is an etsy artist that creates a neat one. Also, lots of shells, starfish, driftwood and sand! Will the wedding and reception be indoors or outdoors? xo

Ms. Givens said...

I think the blue is stunning as well.
I also like the idea of a different place setting for each person, but with the same theme.
There are so many options.

Rose West said...

Shells are a nice touch! Love it :)

becky said...

sand...white sand, tan sand, a variety of sands in waves inside hurricane candle holders...

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

We didn't have a wedding..., but if I had one now, it be a big picnic on the beach! I can just imagine..., blankets instead of tables, and in the center of each a basket filled with great food and champagne. I'm sure it'll be awesome, no matter what you do. You're in wedding party paradise it sounds!!

anita said...

what fun to plan a beachy wedding..and in your new beachy home town :)

Shellbelle said...

I am so excited for you! For both the engagement and the move! How exciting life is right now and in the days to come.

I love Maya's idea of a big picnic, I've never seen that for a wedding before and it sounds wonderful.

I've been to many beach-themed wedding and I know you'll find so many fabulous ideas. When my nephew was married they used glass cylinders filled with shells between the cake layers, it was beautiful and I've seen gorgeous shell cake toppers on Etsy. Esty is a great place to find special touches for a beach wedding, just put it in their search box. One blogger I know stamps bride and groom on teaspoons, as well as beachy sayings. She sent me several last year and I love them.

This is going to fun watching you make preparations! Again, congratulations!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful table setting! Looks like something I could accomplish too ;)
I got married at Christmastime but in another life I totally would have done a springtime beach theme. Good luck with all your planning Miss Laura!

Jodie from Coastal Inspirations said...

I love this tablesetting!