B and I have been getting lots of "tastes" of Monterey as we continue to explore and find our way in our new hometown.  I do not have the best inner compass and yesterday I got a little turned around while trying to navigate through Seaside.  If you've ever been here, you would know what I mean by me not having the best sense of direction (it's not that big!).
 Like most people, I like to enjoy a little glass of wine to unwind and B took me to A Taste of Monterey, a wonderful little spot near Cannery Row.  It's a tasting room/wine boutique with the most incredible view of the bay.  We enjoyed a flight for $10 and then decided on a glass of Chateau Sinnet's Manatee White Merlot.  It is a very refreshing and fruitful wine and the fact that a sweet little manatee is on the label does not hurt either.
We often hear about getting our sea legs and I hope I get my Seaside legs soon.  It would be nice to feel steady and secure (read not lost!)  as I walk around town.  At least I now know a nice place to gather my thoughts.  
Where are you off to this weekend?