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Chateau Sinnet's Manatee White Merlot

B and I have been getting lots of "tastes" of Monterey as we continue to explore and find our way in our new hometown.  I do not have the best inner compass and yesterday I got a little turned around while trying to navigate through Seaside.  If you've ever been here, you would know what I mean by me not having the best sense of direction (it's not that big!).
 Like most people, I like to enjoy a little glass of wine to unwind and B took me to A Taste of Monterey, a wonderful little spot near Cannery Row.  It's a tasting room/wine boutique with the most incredible view of the bay.  We enjoyed a flight for $10 and then decided on a glass of Chateau Sinnet's Manatee White Merlot.  It is a very refreshing and fruitful wine and the fact that a sweet little manatee is on the label does not hurt either.
We often hear about getting our sea legs and I hope I get my Seaside legs soon.  It would be nice to feel steady and secure (read not lost!)  as I walk around town.  At least I now know a nice place to gather my thoughts.  
Where are you off to this weekend?


Ms. Givens said...

Pretty pictures!
I cant drink wine. Every time I do I have a headache for 2 days.
Our little town is growing so much. It takes me 10 minutes to go 3 miles now because of all the traffic and stop lights. I miss my country home in Georgia.
Set up my facial table and did 2 facials last night. Got to get back in the habit and pay more attention to detail. One facial was for my daughter who was mad at me for not answering my phone. It was funny though because both Boxer's insisted on being on the skinny facial table with her.

style odyssey said...

mmm, i love a good wine. i've never heard of a white merlot. i'm intrigued!
you'll get your "seaside legs" soon enough. (my sense of direction is not too good, either!)
i'm not off to anywhere this weekend- but who knows, we may hit the beach, if it's not too windy.
enjoy your friday and weekend! xo

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I want a taste of Monterey! Am searching for a condo in Miami beach..., can't believe how long it's been taking and still is.

anita said...

love these pics laura, i can see how relaxing this must have been. love the color differential between blue outside and dark bottles inside! and of course, you have me at mention of cannery row, you know why ;)))

dont you and b want to go do a re-creation photo of my pier memories :)

Desire Empire said...

Looks like a beautiful spot you have chosen to live.
Have a great weekend
Best Carolyn

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style said...

Wow this is just simply stunning! It takes my breath away so glad you are getting your feet in the street of your new place. Have fun!

Cindy Whitehead said...

I bet you will have the town all figured out soon. Sounds like a great place to live and so many fun things to do near by. Have a wonderful weekend!

becky said...

beautiful seaside photos, Laura! so refreshing.

maría cecilia said...

Què rico tomarse un vinito junto al mar... y en buena compañía, cuánto mejor!!! White merlot?? no lo conozco, mmmmmm
A disfrutar del jardín ahora, es muy reconfortante trabajar en él.