Asilomar means "retreat by the sea" en español and is pronounced a-SIL-o-mar.  Wouldn't you like to go to an "asilo" if this were the view?  I know I would, and it was the perfect place to come have our first cup of café a few days ago.  We sat here and watched the waves crash, an artist paint (seriously!), and took in the sea air.   Asilomar is like a living postcard, it is truly unreal.  In fact, I felt like this seagull was modeling for me and fancied the spotlight.  Interestingly enough, Asilomar is also the home to a conference center and that is how the name "asilo" originated.  Back in the day, it started out as a retreat for women.  To read more about that story click here.
This is a great place to come meditate, paint and if you are an expert surfer maybe you could tackle these waves, but the water is pretty cold and it is a bit of a rocky area.  Although there are light turquoise waters à la St. John, if you snorkel, you are definitely going to want a wet suit. 
Where do you like to go and have some quiet time?