For my last weekend in SoCal we headed to Santa Monica and visited a different not so touristy part.  We came across one of the city's community gardens (Located on Main between Strand & Hollister which was founded in 1976.
 Santa Monica was one of the first places I visited when my family moved to Los Angeles from El Salvador so it was fitting that it was my last outing before we move to Monterey this thursday. 
 This laundromat or "laundry lounge" rather, caught my eye because it was so happy.   Wouldn't you want to do laundry at "Bubble Beach"!
On a random but related note, I always think about the show Three's Company when I visit Santa Monica.  It was one of my favorite shows as a kid.  I know it was not exactly a kid show but I thought it was hilarious and loved the fact that they lived by the beach.  Well after our stroll we did not hit "The Regal Beagle" but did stop by a pub called "Library Alehouse" that I recommend for their great variety of beers ( if you like beer!)