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Sandy Shoes :UGG Caprina

Ugg Caprina
Neutral colors have been on the radar for a few seasons now, and I am definitely on the bandwagon.  I am a huge fan of  taupes, and sandy colors. Remember my last pair of sandy color shoes, the UGG HazelFor some reason, I have been drawn to this brand and in an unexpected way, with sandals of all things.  I am usually looking for comfort and these babies do the trick.  As much as I like flip flops, I also like to wear sandals that are a little bit more dressy in case I want to have dinner at a beachy restaurant and not look like a sandy mess.
Now these babies are also taupe and fab but I have to admit I need to practice.  I don't wear heels often and need to work on not walking like a horse.  I am hoping to debut these in a bit, after a few more sessions wearing them at home.
What color shoes do you fancy these days? 


Ms. Givens said...

I love those sandals. I used to be very picky about sandals cause my toes are long but this year I decided I dont give a darn. :)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I always end up wearing flip flops!! As much as I love the looks of high heels..., when I stand in them it feels incredibly unnatural! Thus..., I wear them, say once a year!!

Beach House Living said...

Love them both!

Tricia Rose said...

My style guru is all in favor of what she calls "leg-colored shoes", because they elongate. Can't be bad!

anita said...

love the ugg sandels laura...and who knew??? i did not know ugg made sandels. do they make flips as well?

we are having a girls day to aveda tomorrow, foot spas, hair color and eyebrow shaping!!

Karen said...

I have always been drawn to neutrals.. and black is a staple. Lately I have been trying to infuse color. LOVE those shoes! Too high for this older girl.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

The barefoot kind! But really? An ugg sandal? Are they suede??

becky said...

My most recent purchase is a strappy taupe suede sandal. As you say, for a dressier look...I'm glad for that but still prefer my taupe suede/leather flip-flops.

simpledaisy said...

Ooh...love your shoe picks! I am a total brown kind of girl! Well that is when i'm not wearing plain old flip flops:)

simpledaisy said...

Ooh...love your shoe picks! I am a total brown kind of girl! Well that is when i'm not wearing plain old flip flops:)

Anonymous said...

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