As you know Monterey has been our host city this week, and it has been the most surreal and amazing week.  There is so much beauty here every where you turn and the people are SUPER nice.  Seriously, the last time I met super nice people was in Kauai, where it was all about the mahalo spirit.
Although I was having one of those "can my hair get any bigger??!" days I had to share this new friend I made and of course this great view.  This vista is actually from Pacific Grove which is the next town to Monterey.  But honestly the towns seem to melt into one another and I'm not quite sure where one town begins and the other ends.

B and I had a very nice relaxing dinner here at Abalonetti and I recommend you stop in when you come out to Monterey.  Again, we encountered SUPER nice people who were very welcoming and sweet. Try the calamari and you will not be dissappointed.  Our dinner was delish but I gobbled it up and forgot to photograph it.   Bad travel blogger, bad!
Do you have any spring travel plans?