When I saw the name of this park it reminded me of the show Happy Day's and  when they would refer to "inspiration point."  I could certainly feel inspired to do just about anything from this view.  Lovers Point is located on Ocean View Blvd
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
I have read that Pacific Grove actually used to be a Methodist retreat back in the 1800s, and the park was originally called 'Lovers of Jesus Point' (hence the missing apostrophe) until the name was shortened later on. (source)
As I mentioned Monday, B and I were strolling through the houses in Pacific Grove and walked over to this park.   This yellow house (below) has the most amazing view, right?  There is a large formation of rocks along this park which is where I sat from and took this picture. 
This beach is perfect for picnics, walks on the beach and great for kids because the surf is calm (oh there did seem to be a lot of couples with goo goo ga ga eyes walking around...)
Is there a "lover's point in your neck of the woods?