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Palm Springs Architecture mini-tour...

As you know, I spent this past Saturday soaking in the Palm Spring architectural goodness.  It was the start of Modernism week and since the double decker architecture tours were all sold out, B and I went on our tour.  The homes in this post are not really representative of PS Modernist Architecture but they are FAB!
 I call this the "Flintstone house" and it also reminds me of Spanish architect Gaudi and his Palau GuellGaudi did work during the Modernist or Art Nouveau period but is best known for his own creative style.  Mid century modernist in PS is way different that Art Nouveau ( I think!) but I digress... Anyway, I just loved the fun look to this casa.
 The beauty of PS architecture is how people embrace everything about the desert. They don't want to disturb the natural beauty and build homes that nestle in and don't alter the gorgeous desert landscape.
 The other cool thing that I love is all the windows.  It is a way of being part of nature and not obstructing the views, which should be part of your home enjoyment.
 PS  also has it's share of Spanish Style homes.  I personally am torn between Spanish style and the mid century modern, hopefully the sealaura stock will go up so I can have both!!
 This is the view from this particular neighborhood.  I LOVE IT!  Do you see the windmills in the distance?
How about these gorgeous boulders and the mountains?  It was a rainy day in SoCal and we were so lucky to capture the sun, the mountains, and the desert.  That, my friends is what living in California is all about!


Ms. Givens said...

Very pretty. I like the second house with all the windows.

Style Odyssey said...

wow!! this is another type of paradise to me...i love the scenery and architecture. you took some beautiful photos!

Westin Mission Hills said...

Great pictures of Palm Springs! Thanks for sharing. :)

Desert Dreaming said...

Fabulous pictures. I love the blue door in the first picture. It just seems like yesterday I was driving by the windmills, though it was a few years ago! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Hope you had a great time in Palm Springs!


Love of the Sea said...

Love PS. The second house with the flat roof and big windows is awesome. I love that type of architecture. I have always loved flat roofed homes from the 1950's and 1960's.

Sarah B. said...

I love that blue door!!!
My favorite is the spanish style home :)

anita said...

i think you found some great homes in many flavors of architecture. i'm with you, i L*O*V*E modernist homes (new and old) but drawn to spanish styles also. We walked old towne, st. augustine this sunday!

love that first pic laura!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'd definitely pic the modern home! The area is breathtaking. You live in a great location, near ocean and desert..., both so expansive and beautiful!

Rose West said...

Great blog post! Architecture is such a cool topic to me. I love when the architect takes the location and makes the home fit in with it.

Palm Springs Used Cars said...

I love how the architecture embraces and utilizes the desert; it all looks so well integrated. The homes look "part" of the desert and not a separate entity,

Penelope Dingee said...

They are so wonderful! There is nothing more modern than a flat-roofed house with huge windows. I agree with your opinion that having those windows is a way to appreciate nature. That is why my favorite architecture of a house is the one with wooden walls, huge windows, and flat roof with a breathtaking view. =)

Penelope Dingee