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Tropical Winter Fashion

 One of the many things I love about California is the variety of landscapes.  This lush tropical backdrop where I look like a latin puma is actually outside of the Hall of Letters at the University of Redlands where I teach español.  I love how for a few minutes I can feel like I am in the jungle mingling with some other pumas. (ha ha!) and about 45 minutes down the road I can be sizzling in Palm Springs.
 I decided to add a lot of little trends into this look without looking too trendy and still a little profesora-like. 

 I am still loving :
  • neutrals with my Club Monaco scarf from the sealaura vault
  • the casual tee:  H&M
  • studded belt : JCrew similar here
  • military watch: I had the face and just bought military ballistic nylon strap from amazon
  • black corduroys with side zippers: Forever21  These are fabulous and still available.  I usually shy away from their pants because they are often too low rise for my taste, but these are great and have a little stretch for this lady, who is def not 21 yrs old.
  • gold cuff, long necklace: love accessories and I try to work with what I have or wear items I pick up along my travels.  The gold leather cuff is from Venice Beach and the necklace was in a junk bin at a thirft store here in Redlands, it was $1 !!
You have seen these Steve Madden Melin zapatos before and they have been my go-to shoe this fall.  They are super comfortable and go with most of my wardrobe.  
Funny story: 
B is not a fan of these pants, he refers to my zipper apparel as my Michael Jackson pants. HA HA!  


Carmi said...

You are a very styling professor, and I wish my instructors had been as thoughtful about what they wore to class as you so clearly are.

I'll spare photos of what I'm wearing today. I don't think Old Navy jeans, t-shirt and red Mr. Rogers-style cardigans really do it for anyone. But it's comfortable writing wear, so I guess it'll have to do.

simpledaisy said...

You are just one stylish girl!!!!
Love it all...but I am pretty sure you wouldn't see me in zipper pants:):):)
See what living in the Midwest does to me....NO style!!

Ms. Givens said...

The perfect mix!

Style Odyssey said...

i love the black zipper pants! the way you put everything together, it just works so well. pretty scenery, too. xo

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Top image is a great fashion shot!

Carl said...

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Anonymous said...

He is one of the very styling professor, and I wish my instructors had been as thoughtful as the same and they wore as his type of dresses.

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