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Knotty Gift Guide...

I think even the most naughty person deserves a little something this holiday season right?  Etsy never dissappoints, and this time I have found 9 Knotty Gift Ideas all under $21 bucks!

1.  Nautical rope ball ornament from TheShabbyChicCottage $14

2.  I love knots too bracelet from Junghwa $ 16

3.  Golden Nautical sailor headband from Marcelacamargo $8 

4.  Hippie Knot Sailor bracelet from HippieKnots $ 6.50

5.  Nautical Sailor knot Necklace from Marcelacamargo $16

6.  Infinity knot ring from Rapunzel's Gold Shop $ 15

7.  Monkey's Fist Keychain from mysticknotworkshop $5

8.  5 x7 Nautical Picture Frame from Knotworks  $20

I  am having a lot of fun putting together these gift guides, even if it is just to give everyone a little eye-candy via Etsy.

Which one is your favorite?


Love of the Sea said...

Number 1 is my favorite. I really like the nautical ball ornament. Very cute.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Love #6!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Ms. Givens said...

Love the knot ring!
I am not doing much for the weekend. Staying in tomorrow and going to my parents on Friday. Have a hair appt and a movie date on Friday as well.
At work today and it is boring!
Have a lovely weekend!

Hope Adela said...

great crafty ideas! =)


Beach House Living said...

I like the headband best. Which one did you get?

Style Odyssey said...

great ideas. you know i like all these. :)
my husband used to make me monkey's fist key chains. and he was always doing decorative rope work for the yacht when he was captain.
the silver bracelet here is especially pretty.

simpledaisy said...

I love #4 the best!!!
They are all super cute gift ideas:)

Kate said...

Bookmarking this right now!