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Oktoberfest in Big Bear

 There was lots of good old fashioned fun to be had at the Oktoberfest kick-off this past weekend in Big Bear.  For the next month you can come up and enjoy or take part in log cutting, stein-holding competitions as well as many other contests.  Or how about a little chicken dance?
 Feel free to come as you are or strap on your lederhosen.  In case you are wondering for the beer drinking competitions, good old O'Doul's is das bier so it is all safe.  You can however, enjoy real beer with a bratwurst, sauerkraut and all the toppings of your choice.  Admission to this event is $12 bucks and then you buy tickets inside for each food vendor. 
B and I really enjoyed Oktoberfest, if you are in the SoCal region I encourage you to take advantage of the fun to be had in our local mountains.  We live an hour away and it felt like another world.  Or perhaps there is a similar event taking place in your town?


Sarah B. said...

OMG that looks like so much fun!!

Ms. Givens said...

Thank you Laura!

I will skip Oktober Fest, but we have the State Fair coming up soon that I plan to visit. I have to go just so I can get a Cheese on a Stick. Its like a corndog but has cheese instead of hotdog. My friend, Lon de Ada is playing Flaminco guitar in the Beer Garden.

Mary-Laure said...

This put a smile of my face...

La Dolfina said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today! It meant a lot to me. I'm so excited you want to go to Westwood and check it out. You always do the greatest posts when you visit places. You must eat a Native Foods when you're there. It's an amazing vegan restaurant that is out of this world.
You're the best :)
Maybe we can meet up on one of my many visits down south over the next 4 years. I saw a lot of great haunts and thrift stores!

Beach Vintage said...

If I had to be a beer drinking comp I think I would be totally sick! But it looks like fun.

AndreaLeigh said...

we went to an ocktoberfest this weekend and it was not this fun! ha! it was also super hot so we ended up leaving early.

anita said...

being a 100% krautina myself, i look forward to oktoberfest season...for the jovial beer drinking merriment, the lederhosen, the yodeling, the cow bell playing, def the kraut and sausages :) cant wait !!!!

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Honolulu

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