While everyone else is headed to Pebble Beach for the US OPEN, we were heading to Monterey and Cannery Row. We drove by BIG SUR but since this was a last minute trip, we will have to add Big Sur to our list for next time...  It would be awesome to explore all of the nooks hidden here. The cool (no pun intended) about this part of Cali, is that one minute you have fog and then you turn a corner and the sun is shining. So for you fashionistas out there, the key is layers!!!
Cannery Row is famously know for Steinbeck's novel and for the now inoperative sardine canning warehouses. These canneries are now homes to many boutiques, wine tasting rooms and hotels. This area's most famous residents are the sea otters,sea lions and of course the Monterey Aquarium (more on this later)

Thanks for coming along on this outing. Where are you going to weekend?