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Market hopping in Cambria

Buenos días! How was your fin de semana? We had a great time exploring the Cambria Farmer's Market on Friday. Our plan was to buy our veggies and other local goodies so we could enjoy home cooked meals the rest of the weekend. Some vineyards in the area like Basetti Family Vineyards also sell delicious goodies to go with your wine. We bought some Syrah Rose Foccacia bread and it was heavenly.If you make it out to the central coast you will be happy to know there is no shortage of farmer's markets ( there seems to be one just about everyday in the surrounding towns). This area is produce, wine, lavender/herbs paradise. The produce is unbelievable and lucky for us these farmer's markets also sell fresh fish so we scored some serious Mahi Mahi and it was delicious!Now I have an assignment for you : Run out and see what local goodies you can find in your town and make something new and yummy. See you soon!


Beach House Living said...

When I visited California many years ago it was the farmers markets I loved. My sister lived out there for a while and says it's one of the things she misses.

Style Odyssey said...

farmer's markets are the best! i missed them terribly when we lived in the BVI. however,
there was this cool rasta market in the grenadines (on the island of bequia- you would love it!) it was open every morning, and the rastas would compete with each other for customers, but in a friendly way. once we found "our" rasta farmer, he'd assist and even point us toward another vendor if he didn't have a particular item we wanted. we looked forward to going to the rasta market!

looks like you scored some goodies. will there be a post on what you made from them? :)

anita said...

your vaca fresh market finds sound delicious laura.
and your in cambria too! i'm so envious. cambria is on my travel wish list!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...mahi mahi and wine...it doesn't get any better than that. keep enjoying and sharing! xoxo

Ms. Givens said...

I am supposed to go to a local winery in July. Tidal School Winery.

Sam said...

I can never get over the glorious light in your outdoor photos! It really is magical! Looks like you had super fun here!

S and O said...

Mmmm that is one mouthwatering post :D


Sarah B. said...

looks yummy!!!