Happy Friday! We made it!! I am approaching the last week of the semester and have started to prematurely celebrate. B and I have been on a champagne kick lately and let us recommend the Santa Julia Brut Rosé. It is from the Mendoza Region of Argentina and quite refreshing. Perfect for spring I think! It runs from $9- $12 ¡Salud!
I have nothing too exciting planned for this weekend. B and I will continue our Spring cleaning. This is B's lovely arrangement. We love to have flowers chez nous. Thought I would share since usually this table is covered with my mess. I am working on that...
In case you are looking for a warm treat, try this : For 120 calories I put cinnamon, honey and a cup of fat free milk. Perfect for the AM or PM when you are getting comfy and cozy in your casita.
Wishing you a Fabulous Weekend!