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Vino Viernes

Happy Friday! We made it!! I am approaching the last week of the semester and have started to prematurely celebrate. B and I have been on a champagne kick lately and let us recommend the Santa Julia Brut Rosé. It is from the Mendoza Region of Argentina and quite refreshing. Perfect for spring I think! It runs from $9- $12 ¡Salud!
I have nothing too exciting planned for this weekend. B and I will continue our Spring cleaning. This is B's lovely arrangement. We love to have flowers chez nous. Thought I would share since usually this table is covered with my mess. I am working on that...
In case you are looking for a warm treat, try this : For 120 calories I put cinnamon, honey and a cup of fat free milk. Perfect for the AM or PM when you are getting comfy and cozy in your casita.
Wishing you a Fabulous Weekend!


Brenda's Arizona said...

Oooh, Mendoza - fabulous wine country close to where I grew up!
Hope you have a great weekend, too! When is your school out? Our students' classes end at the end of April!! So soon, so much to do.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Either that wine bottle is ginormous or it's the angle you took the picture :) Looks great with the starfish in the pic ;) Have a good weekend!

Ms. Givens said...

I will try that hot drink tonite.
Need to go look for that champagne just because my dad says the new liquor store near our house has a cute friendly bulldog. :)
I am a sucker for dogs with droopy faces. :)

Style Odyssey said...

enjoy your weekend, and i don't blame you for starting the celebration early! (i was a teacher once...not the same as professor i know, but oh how i looked forward to those term breaks!)

Candi said...

Have a great weekend! Woohoo the end of the semester! Are you doing summer school? Hope you get a nice long break!

simpledaisy said...

Wine on Fridays....sounds like my kind of plan:)
Hope you have a nice weekend~

Beachcombing.... said...

Congrats on your school! Can't even imagine undertaking that all over again - just learning how to blog and running my website are enough for me. Thanks again for featuring the Everything Coastal blog on your page too!


Cloudia said...

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Joyce said...

WOW B made the arrangement- Very nice!! xo