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Surfing fun

Hello! Sorry I missed you on Monday, it snuck up on me rather quick. It's finals week here in the land of Red and until I give my estudiantes their español final, I will be off surfing!
Ok, maybe not in the water, but in the blogosphere. I have found some new beachy blogs over the last few weeks that I am excited about. You may have noticed some new ones on my sidebar.

Beachhouse Living
Low Tide High Style
I love Shelling
Beachhouse etc.
Everything Coastal

I am also loving this inspirational blog.
Make Under my Life

What are your current blog crushes?


Ms. Givens said...

My daughter was in Clear Water over the winter holiday and took some photos of the surfers. They even posed for her shots. She goes there about ever 6 months. I look for her to move there someday.

Beach House Living said...

What a nice surprise to see my blog on your list! Going surfing? I tried as a kid, the board hit me in the head and that was that...until last year when I thought I might get the nerve to maybe try again.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Hi Laura..., you've been featured on Completely Coastal!

Sally Lee™ said...

Hi Laura!

Thanks for stopping by my 'Sally Lee by the Sea' blog yesterday - I must admit that I have a crush on your blog now...just love it and have added you to my "Beachy Blogs" list for others to see.

Congrats on being featured on Completely Coastal too!

So fun meeting other beachy bloggers throughout the world - will be visiting you often.

Marie - Founder
Sally Lee by the Sea


Taylor said...

OK, I am officially jealous. My finals are coming up not this week but the next...I wish I could hit the waves! I too, surf, but I am a pathetic novice. Actually I am thinking about trading in my surfboard. I have a Bic 8' or 9' longboard (I can't remember how long!) and I reeally want a fiberglass. Mine is barely used. Think I'll get something out of that? A full trade??

Kanta said...

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simpledaisy said...

Ooh..yeah thanks for sharing!!
some I love and some i've never heard of!!!
I {heart} blogging!!! So many lovely people out there to be discovered!!!!
Hope your week goes just swimingly:)

Joyce said...

Oh I wish I was on that beach about now. xo

Nicole-Lynn said...

What great blogs! A couple inspirational beachy blogs I love to follow is your blog (duh!) and Completely Coastal! Thanks for letting me know about these other great blogs..

Patti Friday (Liberty Post) said...

I have a crush on you. Always have. What I adore about you is that you are so real, authentic, giving, kind, positive, sharing and caring. And you seem to know what we all like! You are such a wonderful friend. PFxo