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Wednesday Wish : a new beach bag!

How about a little green beach bag for St. Patty's day? Walmart $29.99

J. Crew $45
Newport News $24

With the weather being just gorgeous for the last few days, I have started to dream about a summer bag. I am looking for an everyday summer bag, and I found these three different styles. I have noticed that sequins and a hint of glimmer are popular this season. What are you looking for in a summer bag?


Eliza said...

i need a new beach bag..i LOVE that green one!!

anita said...

i just bout dropped my coconuts TWICE on this post :)

first: really cool green straw bag..at WALMART?

second: $29 bucks? at walmart...i thought the ceiling price was $12.99

Erin said...

I never would have guessed that first one was from walmart. Super cute!!!

Taylor said...

I loveee the J. Crew beach bag! What an interesting shape...my current beach bag is from J. Crew. I use it as a travel bag in the winter months, and the pockets of sand in the bottom of the bag always make me smile! But you have a big decision to make on which one to get! Why not all of them??

simpledaisy said...

I know it's so wrong...but I love walmart!! I get lots of cute things there and no one can ever guess where I got them from:)

drollgirl said...

girly, you are so ready for the beach! this weather is just AMAZING! i love it!

i have a bag like this that my mom gave me a few years ago. except it is a coral color. i need to put it to use!

Eliza said...

I am going to Southern california, Huntington beach area...my first time EVER in california..im pretty stoked about it! So of course i need to go shopping for a cute bag and new clothes!!

B's Mom said...

I love the green one. I think it would be great for you. I will be looking for a cool bag to bring to CA when I come to visit you and B.
You give me so many ideas.

Style Odyssey said...

The green one from Walmart is my favorite of these. Very spring-like in that pretty color.

My beach bag was a gift from a dear friend. It has a vinyl lining, pockets, a zipper (a MUST here w/ our tradewinds- don't want sand in my bag!) It's canvas on the outside w/ a beachy print and cute wood painted fish sewn on! I just treasure it!

Back to that green one...I wouldn't mind having it, too.

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