Abbot Kinney was a developer born in 1850 best known for his Venice of America Development. Mr. Kinney had a huge interest in art and culture and opened his Venice recreation on July 4, 1905.
Venice still has the canals that Mr. Kinney created. In 1905 when this area opened he had gondolas and gondoliers brought from Venice, Italy. How fun!
Part of Mr. Kinney's vision was to turn his Venice into a cultural mecca and in some ways his dream has come true. Sure it is not the high brow art , but there are many gifted people that share their goods on the boardwalk.
Venice Beach is one of my absolute places to visit. I grew up about 15 minutes from here, so it takes me back to carefree days. It is comforting to visit this place and see how many things have remained the same. The boarwalk, the shops, the many pups and their eclectic owners are my favorite things about Venice. Swimming here, not so much. I prefer to go to Laguna or Newport or St John!

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