On Sunday B and I headed to my beloved Los Angeles and had dinner in Silverlake.
When I was a kid, this area was soooo different. It was not the desirable and ├╝berhipster place it is today. Currently there are a wonderful mix of cafes, restaurants and specialty shops. Tt is a very fun place, it is what Melrose Ave was when I was a young teen in the 90s but better!

B and I love the word hipsters and there is no shortage here. You will also find many people dressed in vintage everything. It is a bit of a fashion show. I love it how some people manage to look gorgeous and messy at the same time a à la Brad Pitt.
I could spend hours perusing all the boutiques. I was also happy to see that in the midst of all the stylish and indie boutiques there were still some places that catered to the Latino and Armenian community that I remember living here. When I tell people about Pupusas = the national dish of El Salvador, they usually haven't heard of it but in LA where the biggest population of Salvadorans live outside of El Salvador, this shop seems completely perfect in the midst of all the other eateries..
Here is some evidence that some people do walk in LA. key word : some!! Silverlake is surrounded by many fun places such as Griffith Park and Observatory, Downtown LA, remember everything is 15 minutes away in LA!