Despite being a glamourous profesora, I have a very unglamourous office. It is a bit of a mess. As I sat there for office hours, I snapped these pics to show you a bit of my world at the university.
My inspiration board makes me happy but it has little do do with espaƱol. Ok, maybe the chihuahua and that book cover "cuando era cachorro" do... I have my fabulous photo from Candace Rose Turquoise Sky White Dahlia but it needs a beautiful frame.
Here is my calendar, where I count down the days til summer and I ripped this Cayucos story from a Budget travel since I feel I discovered Cayucos first!! LOL! but either way, B and I loved Cayucos so much we are having our family vacation there again in June.
I have a collection of mugs that never make it back home and frankly they should be tossed. But a profesora needs her coffee and I am always in search for a cup of coffee. oh and let's not forget my J.Crew lunch bag from a recent visit, perfect for holding my tupperwares and everything else that will not fit into my workbag.
And here is my view to the courtyard. It is a nice building and I am so happy to have a window. My old office was basically a broom closet so this one is the Shangri-la as far as I am concerned. So there you have it dolls, my profesora office. Some blogs share the inside of purses but this office is like looking into my purse. Random spoons, lip balm, spanish papers and gadget cords. Exciting... I know.