B and I headed to Palm Desert this weekend and as we strolled the shops on El Paseo Drive, I spotted this lovely blue cactus. I had no idea these existed. It was a fantastic surprise.
I love going to Palm Desert and Palm Springs. There is such tremendous beauty in the desert. As you may recall from previous posts, these desert towns are about one hour south of Redlands and they are such a wonderful mini vacay for us. I love all the resort wear, colorful clothes and colorful people. When I was a kid, Palm Desert was known as retirement town and it still is... but it is also so much more. I love being surrounded by what seems to be the endless rows of palm trees that serve as a beautiful natural border to the grand mountains that believe it or not are capped with snow!! That's what I love the most about my beloved California...so many contradictions in nature and just about everywhere else!