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Fresh start

The new semester starts today which got me thinking to fresh starts. Nothing makes me feel fresher than a crisp white tee and a simple pearl necklace. The one above is a recent gift from B's mom. I love fresh water pearls especially in this flat coin design. I also was quick to purchase MAC's nail polish in Light Affair before it sold out. It is a nice neutral and work appropriate color. I love it because it makes my hands look clean.Last week I added some caramel color to my dark locks. I was a little scared but I am so happy with the results. Nothing too drastic but it is a little fun and light for the spring.
I have also switched my scents this spring ( yes I know it is winter but it is the "spring semester" and I am rolling with it!) I received the 2 fragrances above for Christmas and I was delighted. The first is an inexpensive spray in Lavender Lime. Love it! The second is called Beyond Paradise from Estée Lauder. And I have to say it is "beyond paradise." As silly as it sounds I have caught myself wondering: ¿who smells so good? And guess what, it was me!! HAHA.


Brenda's Arizona said...

Your postings are always so fun! Hope the new semester is fun. Ours starts in 10 more days... sigh.

anita said...

i love your fresh new year touches

necklace so sweet
new white make me smile too
will look for mac nail color
self sanctuary has my interest
love your carmel highlites

i'm going to salon to highlight today!

happy first days back..

Shorely Chic said...

loving your spring look - you look very refreshing :) ho

Erin said...

Love those highlights!!!

I wear Beyond Paradise...it's like spring in a bottle! So pretty!

Maya said...

Looks like you're off to a great, "fresh clean" start!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Oh, I'm sorry (the above profile does not work)... that was me -just in case there's another Maya out there!

Beach Vintage said...

Theres nothing like a new year to inspire you. Love the nail polish shade.

drollgirl said...

love the necklace! and the polish! and your hair!

and now i want to smell anything reminiscent of paradise!!!

Deetree said...

Hi Laura! I made a fresh start too w/a new blog for the new semester!
I must smell this estee lauder perfume!

Mary-Laure said...

I love pearls too, they are both fresh and chic.
Wishing you an upbeat new semester...

simpledaisy said...

What a great way to ring in a new semester:)
The hair looks fab!!
And I love the necklace!!! super simple and super cute.

Sam said...

Love your pearl necklace - so pretty - I'm a big fan of pearls - I love their lustre!! Very chic with a T too!!