The new semester starts today which got me thinking to fresh starts. Nothing makes me feel fresher than a crisp white tee and a simple pearl necklace. The one above is a recent gift from B's mom. I love fresh water pearls especially in this flat coin design. I also was quick to purchase MAC's nail polish in Light Affair before it sold out. It is a nice neutral and work appropriate color. I love it because it makes my hands look clean.Last week I added some caramel color to my dark locks. I was a little scared but I am so happy with the results. Nothing too drastic but it is a little fun and light for the spring.
I have also switched my scents this spring ( yes I know it is winter but it is the "spring semester" and I am rolling with it!) I received the 2 fragrances above for Christmas and I was delighted. The first is an inexpensive spray in Lavender Lime. Love it! The second is called Beyond Paradise from Estée Lauder. And I have to say it is "beyond paradise." As silly as it sounds I have caught myself wondering: ¿who smells so good? And guess what, it was me!! HAHA.