On Friday's I am usually excited to visit my friend simpledaisy for some yummy nutritional inspiration. Well there is a terrific ~Seafood Spiced Mahi with Grapefruit Fennel Salsa~ recipe over there waiting for you. It looks simple enough, so I think I might try it soon.
Well today I decided to share with you a garden soup. It is super easy. You basically use about 4 cans of chicken or veggie stock and dump in whatever fresh or frozen veggies ( matter of preference). I recommend using fresh veggies but frozen veggies that don't mush like brussel sprouts are also a good source. I happened to have the following veggies in my fridge:
swiss chard
2 small zucchinis
carrots and broccoli from a steam pack
yellow peppers
chopped cabbage

as for quantity I put as much as I wanted or could fill in my pot :)

I also added squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a tad of sea salt to my own personal bowl. This is a good lunch on a chilly day and if you want more you should have some because it is all good for you! In December I struggled with getting my veggies in so this January I am trying to get back on the veggie train.

There you have it! Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to visit simpledaisy.