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Fresh Fridays

On Friday's I am usually excited to visit my friend simpledaisy for some yummy nutritional inspiration. Well there is a terrific ~Seafood Spiced Mahi with Grapefruit Fennel Salsa~ recipe over there waiting for you. It looks simple enough, so I think I might try it soon.
Well today I decided to share with you a garden soup. It is super easy. You basically use about 4 cans of chicken or veggie stock and dump in whatever fresh or frozen veggies ( matter of preference). I recommend using fresh veggies but frozen veggies that don't mush like brussel sprouts are also a good source. I happened to have the following veggies in my fridge:
swiss chard
2 small zucchinis
carrots and broccoli from a steam pack
yellow peppers
chopped cabbage

as for quantity I put as much as I wanted or could fill in my pot :)

I also added squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a tad of sea salt to my own personal bowl. This is a good lunch on a chilly day and if you want more you should have some because it is all good for you! In December I struggled with getting my veggies in so this January I am trying to get back on the veggie train.

There you have it! Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to visit simpledaisy.


Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

Oh this looks yummy, healthy, and easy!

btw, how is Newman doing? Did the lemon juice work?

Happy Weekend!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Just came from Simple Daisy...just coveted her fish. Now your soup looks fantastico! Particularly since it may SNOW this weekend. SNOW! This is the tropics people. Lay off. Ok?!

drollgirl said...

your soup is gorgeous!

i am trying to get back to the fruit and veggies after the holiday treats galore! it feels good to get the healthy stuff in (even though the unhealthy stuff sure went down easy)!

hope you have a great weekend!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Yum that sounds GOOD!

simpledaisy said...

Well hi there Sealaura:)

That is so nice of you to mention my blog!! You rock....

That soup looks fabulous! I was just thinking of making a veggie soup for the work week!!!
Sometimes I make up a big batch of soup for the week b/c it makes taking my lunches much easier!!

Thanks to your post...I am definitely making veggie soup this week!!!
Take care and have a great week!

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