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twilight lady by the sea

I think she is a she?! Isn't she lovely? What a life! I would love to relax and feel the sun's rays hit my skin on a cool day by the beach, y tú?
Enjoy the weekend and make sure to relax ( by the sea if possible!).



Deanna said...

Awesome, relaxation!

Maya said...

Animals do know how to relax, that's for sure!

Drawn to The Sea said...

I'm heading down for breakfast tomorrow morning, but I must come back before noon... hope your weekend by the sea is wonderful!


drollgirl said...

oh god! that looks like so much fun as long as sharks are not around!

i hope you have a super weekend! :)

Mary-Laure said...

Are those sea lions? I adore them, they look so cool!

Sam said...

Gorgeous! I could do that I think! Sometimes we get the odd fur seal camping out on a jetty and it's such an excitement for everybody - it must be lovely to have them around all the time! Have a lovely weekend!

Gabbi said...

Adorable! The doggies of the sea...♥

anita said...

thank you :)
thats exactly what we did
yesterday at the jetties watching kiteboarders

and today in daytona, sitting at beach bars getting wind whipped!

hope your monday is a good one!

simpledaisy said...

well....I was in New Buffalo...on Lake Michigan!! does that count?? :)
Have a happy week!!

sarah { abeachcottage } said...

ooh yeah! and love her name on the side in blue...sigh