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Newman's first outing

B and I took the boys on an outing to Forest Falls this past weekend. It was Newman's first trip out since he came into our family.

It was a beautiful fall day, with lots of sunshine and crisp mountain air.
The boys love playing with Dad.
They also like to explore together.
My little vanilla dogs get so lost in these pics but they do stand out for being good little hikers.You might recall B, Norm and I had tried to find the falls before and this time we did! I have to admit, it was a little of a wa wa wa moment because I expected this huge cascade. But it was still a nice outing nonethless. I do have to confess little Newman does not appear to be a good traveler. He whined and could not find a spot all the way to the falls. He decided to explore every inch of the car and even wanted to crawl underneath the driver's seat while B was driving EEK!!! So I am not sure what his issue is? ¡Cesar Milan help me! He even whined while we hiked so I am not sure if he thought going to the car meant going to the p-o -u -n-d! I do hope my little guy gets acclimated to road trips because we do like to travel here at sealaura industries. In his defense, he is still in training, it has only been 3 weeks. Any tips on helping him become a better traveler?


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

OMG...They look like little vanilla twins. So precious.

As for the car...positive conditioning. start out by letting him sit in the car (without it moving) and when he relaxes...even a bit...say goood boy, maybe even a treat. Then take little trips..with a treat or just lot of petting and good boy when he relaxes. Might help him to associate the car with good things.

Best to you...and your little 'nilla wafer twins!

simpledaisy said...

Ok...your hiking photos blow mine out fo the water!! What a beautiful place to hike:)
One of these days I am going to make it out to CA!!!

I would just give him more time and exposure to traveling. I also agree with the positive conditioning. It just takes time!

Ruby is just now NOT throwing up in the car when we go places:) and we've had her for just over 6 months~

Brenda's Arizona said...

I agree! More conditioning. As Linda said, simple time in the unmoving car. Then maybe short trips!? Even tho Ceasar doesn't use positive conditioning, I still think it works best. Doggies love praise. Mine will work for praise, haha. More trips, more photos!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Funny how seanorman & seanewman disappear in the landscape. They'd be adorable in matching t-shirts. I found some cuties at Target, super lightweight. You'll see it in an upcoming post :-)

Erin said...

What fun you guys must have had! I've always had cats, so I don't have any advice. But I can't imagine what fun it would be to bring "your kids" with you on a hike like that (even if they're a bit whiny!) I just love the pic of B with the 2 boys...so cute!

Sam said...

What spectacular scenery!! I love a good hike - the little people look like they're having an absolute ball!

Joyce said...

Your boys look adorable together. WOW the photos are beautiful.

When we first got Kelly she would cry in the car, because she never was in a car and lord knows what her life was beforehand. We use to think she compared the car ride to bad, so I would take short rides around the neighborhood and reward her. She did eventually like the car, but later eveloped carsickness so we kept ginger cookies nearby.
Newman is doing very well for only being with you for 3 weeks and off the leash. Most rescues try to run away or at least that is what I was told. Continue having fun with your favorite 3 men! Hugs... xo

Mary-Laure said...

OMG, he is just too cute, too adorable, too everything. Love him.
I have heard about such problems with dogs who've had similar experiences. I guess time will teach him he's in a safe environment and won't be abandoned.