B and I took the boys on an outing to Forest Falls this past weekend. It was Newman's first trip out since he came into our family.

It was a beautiful fall day, with lots of sunshine and crisp mountain air.
The boys love playing with Dad.
They also like to explore together.
My little vanilla dogs get so lost in these pics but they do stand out for being good little hikers.You might recall B, Norm and I had tried to find the falls before and this time we did! I have to admit, it was a little of a wa wa wa moment because I expected this huge cascade. But it was still a nice outing nonethless. I do have to confess little Newman does not appear to be a good traveler. He whined and could not find a spot all the way to the falls. He decided to explore every inch of the car and even wanted to crawl underneath the driver's seat while B was driving EEK!!! So I am not sure what his issue is? ¡Cesar Milan help me! He even whined while we hiked so I am not sure if he thought going to the car meant going to the p-o -u -n-d! I do hope my little guy gets acclimated to road trips because we do like to travel here at sealaura industries. In his defense, he is still in training, it has only been 3 weeks. Any tips on helping him become a better traveler?