We have a new member at sealaura headquarters.

Newman Aleutius Davis!
On October 24th B and I headed out for a little retail therapy but were immediately distracted by this little guy. It turns out he was found roaming the streets of Coachella. (Yes, that Coachella ( he might be a little hippie!) where the annual music festival takes place.), and after spending one month in their shelter he was moved to another desert town to see if anyone would adopt him. Can you believe there was no interest in this little angel? That's where we come in! There we were in the middle of nowhere (ok,ok, an outlet mall!, still the middle of nowhere) and we saw Norm's long lost brother! The Riverside County Animal Control had him at this point and this was his chance to get out of the brig. We could not resist, he was just as sweet as Norm, calm, and a lover. I couldn't imagine him going back to the pound, so we decided he would join our family.After a week of testing the waters and making sure he was comfortable and the right fit for our crazy life, he is officially ours. So there you have it... our boys!
In case you are wondering about his nombre, we chose Newman because he is our new little man and Aleutius after the Aleutian islands off the coast of Alaska (B was born in Alaska and I am an island lover).
Newman is a new fellow at the sealaura institute of beachology and travel. His older brother Norman (by about 6 months!) has him under his wing for training at sealaura industries.