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St. John USVI Festival

On Saturday, Janet and I spent our last full day at Festival in Cruz Bay. It was a colorful, sweet, and beautiful experience. Festival is the biggest party on St. John. It is a month long celebration that starts out with the Pan-O-Rama, which is the battle of the steel pan drums. Even though it was a hot and humid day, the St. Johnians put on quite a show. It was the perfect way to mark our last day on this glorious island.


Joyce said...

Laura I was just going to ask how long you were going to be in St. John until I read further. I bet you can't wait to get home to see both of your men!!

Neat costumes!! xoxo

Cloudia said...

Love these photos!
Aloha from my island to yours ;-)

Comfort Spiral

anita said...

how fun...
reminds me of the craziness of
key wests fantasy fests...
only they use alot more paint
and alot less clothing!
safe travels...

stacilynfeldman said...

ooo!!! that looks like so much fun! it's so colorful & glittery!

i've got you down for three (3!) entries for the ice bucket! good luck!! (and i need to quit using exclamation points so much...! (just had to sneak that one in there.))

Stephanie Clayton said...

crazy festival pics, love it!!
ours here in the bvi is approaching, sometime early august. they call it the Emancipation Festival. when i first moved here 11 yrs ago, i thought it was a funny time of year to hold "Carnival", but i quickly found that it's not really Carnival here, or in the USVI either, but something quite different than, say, Mardi Gras.

anyway, glad you got to see the one on st. john, something i haven't experienced yet.