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on the road again

Happy Friday everyone! I am on the road again for another adventure. This time I have some partners in crime : B and Norman Alexander. We are having a quick family trip to a glittery and hot place. Any guesses? It will be a quick hop there and back but we are excited nonetheless. What are your plans this weekend?


simpledaisy said...

Wow...your always going somewhere! Lucky you!
Hey..thanks for sharing how to add a signature to your blog! I think I might have to do that!
Take care~

Candi said...

Glittery and hot????? I'm not good at geography. Any more hints?

Hope you have a great weekend! I know I've mentioned it before, but I seriously love that girl with a dog and a blog badge! Somebody could make a lot of money on that if they sold prints! I'd buy one!!!

sealaura said...

Simpledaisy : I do feel pretty lucky, this is a quick trip but still exciting.

Candi: more tips...well it is about 3 hours from the land of red. And that cute logo is from AUREA , sweet Mary-Laure designed it and shares it with people as long as you let her know. :)

Gabbi said...

I'm guessing Sin City... think I hear Elvis singing somewhere in the background maybe?? :)

Wishing you a lovely one, looking forwarding to reading all about it!♥xo

MetaJewelryDesign said...

What fun, Laura! Hope you have a sparkly weekend! :)


jane said...

have a great weekend! besos!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Las Vegas?? Hope you come back richer, if it is!

Oh...to make pix bigger...you need to put your blog on livewriter...it walks you through the whole thing.

Have fun!

swile67 said...

Have a fabulous trip!!! can't wait to hear where it was!

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Hope you have a great trip!
I see you got the signature to work - looks good. On my screen it looks a little hard to see though - you might want to consider using a bit darker colour.
"See" you when you get back!

Stephanie Clayton said...

that looks like a real island car! i'm sure you know what i mean, having spent some time in the caribbean recently.
regarding your StyleOdyssey comment, it's cool you spotted that same skirt in bamboula's when you were on st. john..small world, huh?! i didn't buy it either. they were out of my size.

Joyce said...

I'm glad your boys were able to go on this trip! I hope you hit the jackpot. xoxo