Happy Monday! Here is my little surprise for the Monday Blues: A new look, for the new month and new life at the sealaura villa! Sweet Liberty Post sent me this lovely gift and I was so touched by her generosity. Her blog is a must read for me and it always has the most beautiful headers. She is an amazing artist and along with her blog she has an etsy shop: Liberty Post Industries with many of her beautiful prints.
******************I am happy to report that my move went very well. B, Norm and I loaded up my Toyota Matrix, "Fred" and "Dusty" (B's truck). And off we went. I now live in the most west part of the land of Red, which is seriously 3 inches from the city of Loma Linda. Loma Linda is a town known for health and wellness research. Oprah recently did a show which named Loma Linda as the home for the longest living Americans. !woo hoo!
B, Norm and I are so excited and happy in our new place. It feels like Christmas over here at the villa as we unpack. A lot of our stuff had been in storage because we were uncertain of the future at the sealaura estate. But gracias a Dios everything has worked out and we have been blessed with a new start. I hope to post some pics of the villa soon, so stay tuned. I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week. ¡Un abrazo muy fuerte! (hugs)