Well dolls, as promised here it is the highly anticipated part deux of my tag.

Why did you start a blog? I wanted to have a happy place @ a time when life was not so happy for me. I also thought it would be a great way to focus on what I wanted out of life if I actually started to talk/write about it and do more to accomplish those goals.

What is your blog about? Well my header used to say "a beach lover surfing through life" and I think that sums it up pretty well. I pretty much write about the things I love : my family, the big and little moments in my life, animals, language, fashion, photography and the beach of course.

What blogs are you obsessed with at the moment? Oh boy, I guess the better question is which ones am I NOT obsessed with. I love the ones on my blogroll and via those I have found some other gems. Here are a few:

Candace Rose ( and no, I am just not saying that Candace! :)

Life of Lyssie (just found her blog and she is also from SoCal!)

DecoLove (this girls does it all, really fun blog about fashion, lifestyle and photography.

OlsensAnonymous ( this one is a guilty pleasure but those twins do have style!)

What is your dream job? My dream job is to be a fashion writer or a columnist that travels all the time. I would love to be involved in anything that would allow me to meet people from different cultures so I could practice my français and español. I would love a job that has a social & creative aspect to it.

If you could change professions or careers, what would you like to try? (realistically speaking). Honestly I have been fantasizing about the world of retail. Like most people my age, I have worked @ the GAP, Old Navy etc. But I guess I just want to learn a bit more about becoming a savvy business owner. I am dying to find out what my calling is because I would like to be doing it and making some dinero. :) Everyday I try to figure out what my recession proof talent is and how I can start to make a living out of it. I love teaching and I have been doing it professionally for about 8 years but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I want something different.

Who is your favorite designer at the moment? I would love to insert some überchic answer here dahlings but I have been so out of the loop with the crazy mess at my new casita that I don't know. I will say I LOVE Lauren Hutton's style (yes I know, she is not a desgner) so anyone that can contributes to her effortless safari chic looks is my idol! Like I mentioned earlier those darling Olsen girls do have some great style and I would not mind a closet full of any of their lines.

What's your favorite brand of jeans? I recently found out that Calvin Klein petite jeans are my friend. I usually have to have things hemmed or tailored which is annoying and $$. So I was happy to find jeans that actually fit. I would love to try on some J Brand jeans, they look so cute and grown up at the same time.

One thing you would snitch out of someones closet with no regrets? Ooooh, that's sneaky! I think all I could sneak out would be a spray or spritz of some fancy perfume.

What piece of designer clothing would you most like to own new or vintage? All of these questions are so hard! Of course I would not mind owning some amazing vintage Chanel. But I hate to say it some Chanel stuff looks a little "abuelita style" to me. So I might opt for some travel chic item from Michael Kors.

Thanks for the tag dear Candace. This was fun. I invite any of my lovely readers to do this tag, although I know some of you have done it already. Either way let me know if and when you do it so I can stop by!The pictures are courtesy of my ex-neighbor, and fellow internet obsessed friend Mama C. They were taken 2 weeks ago when her cat SkippyJonJones decided to befriend my Norman Alexander!