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It's all about me! ;<)

Well dolls, as promised here it is the highly anticipated part deux of my tag.

Why did you start a blog? I wanted to have a happy place @ a time when life was not so happy for me. I also thought it would be a great way to focus on what I wanted out of life if I actually started to talk/write about it and do more to accomplish those goals.

What is your blog about? Well my header used to say "a beach lover surfing through life" and I think that sums it up pretty well. I pretty much write about the things I love : my family, the big and little moments in my life, animals, language, fashion, photography and the beach of course.

What blogs are you obsessed with at the moment? Oh boy, I guess the better question is which ones am I NOT obsessed with. I love the ones on my blogroll and via those I have found some other gems. Here are a few:

Candace Rose ( and no, I am just not saying that Candace! :)

Life of Lyssie (just found her blog and she is also from SoCal!)

DecoLove (this girls does it all, really fun blog about fashion, lifestyle and photography.

OlsensAnonymous ( this one is a guilty pleasure but those twins do have style!)

What is your dream job? My dream job is to be a fashion writer or a columnist that travels all the time. I would love to be involved in anything that would allow me to meet people from different cultures so I could practice my français and español. I would love a job that has a social & creative aspect to it.

If you could change professions or careers, what would you like to try? (realistically speaking). Honestly I have been fantasizing about the world of retail. Like most people my age, I have worked @ the GAP, Old Navy etc. But I guess I just want to learn a bit more about becoming a savvy business owner. I am dying to find out what my calling is because I would like to be doing it and making some dinero. :) Everyday I try to figure out what my recession proof talent is and how I can start to make a living out of it. I love teaching and I have been doing it professionally for about 8 years but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I want something different.

Who is your favorite designer at the moment? I would love to insert some überchic answer here dahlings but I have been so out of the loop with the crazy mess at my new casita that I don't know. I will say I LOVE Lauren Hutton's style (yes I know, she is not a desgner) so anyone that can contributes to her effortless safari chic looks is my idol! Like I mentioned earlier those darling Olsen girls do have some great style and I would not mind a closet full of any of their lines.

What's your favorite brand of jeans? I recently found out that Calvin Klein petite jeans are my friend. I usually have to have things hemmed or tailored which is annoying and $$. So I was happy to find jeans that actually fit. I would love to try on some J Brand jeans, they look so cute and grown up at the same time.

One thing you would snitch out of someones closet with no regrets? Ooooh, that's sneaky! I think all I could sneak out would be a spray or spritz of some fancy perfume.

What piece of designer clothing would you most like to own new or vintage? All of these questions are so hard! Of course I would not mind owning some amazing vintage Chanel. But I hate to say it some Chanel stuff looks a little "abuelita style" to me. So I might opt for some travel chic item from Michael Kors.

Thanks for the tag dear Candace. This was fun. I invite any of my lovely readers to do this tag, although I know some of you have done it already. Either way let me know if and when you do it so I can stop by!The pictures are courtesy of my ex-neighbor, and fellow internet obsessed friend Mama C. They were taken 2 weeks ago when her cat SkippyJonJones decided to befriend my Norman Alexander!


Dana said...

Nice answers!!!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Nice to learn more about you! Are you fairly settled now?

drollgirl said...

aw, it is fun to learn more about YOU! i love michael kors, too!

and, you know what?!?!? your pets are ADORABLE!!!!

Deetree said...

I also used to be a teacher (k and 1st grade) and then a corporate trainer, so I understand the love of educating and the interest in something totally different. go for it! when you are ready, you will. ;)

Maya said...

You're so funny. And I think you'd make a great fashion writer. Hope to see more of your new dwelling!

anita said...

skippityjonjones LOOKS like his namesake!

laura, hope all is well for you in your new casita...and happy too!

simpledaisy said...

That's so nice to learn about you...
I think everyone has secret dreams about what they would *rather* be doing for thier career!! A fashion writer would be fun....
Oh and the kitten is cute...I bet Norman would love to have a friend?!?!?!

Gabbi said...

Great tag dear Laura! I loved learning more about you and I'm happy to hear that little Norm gets along with cats... him and George would be best of friends I'm sure. I really like that Olsen blog too! I love that they give occasional ideas on how to get 'the look'.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!xo

Kisses for Norman Alexander...♥

Joyce said...

Hi Laura, I enjoyed reading more about you. Oh the photos are a hoot! I love the one where Norm is watching very carefully in your arms at the cat. LOL... xoxo

Candi said...

Thanks for participating. You're so sweet, I absolutely love your blog! I love Lauren Hutton's style too, and I wish I could afford to buy from the Olsen's line, Elizabeth & James. Hope you're enjoying your day!

isola bella said...

so fun to read about you! You are tres cool!

by Janvier Morris said...

Hey, I like what you're doing. And I like your pursuit,

"I am hoping that through this blog I will find my "true calling"... perhaps as a travel writer or perhaps I will someday get paid to be myself :)"

We are on the same journey, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Best wishes Sealaura