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Happy Jueves

I have had a very feliz week here at the villa and wanted to post a few pics that make me happy. This sweet little cottage was in Big Bear and I thought it was so pretty and cheery. It reminded me of Erin @House of Turquoise.I met this fella in Big Bear too. He was so sweet and had this amazing head of fur. It reminded me of my hair when I don't get a chance to tame it and it fluffs out. Lastly, these pretty pink flowers that Norm and I saw on a recent walk.
Here's to a Happy Jueves (thursday)!


Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that little house!! It is entirely cheery! I'm so happy you snapped a picture! :)

And lol about the dog's hair!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Happy Friday (already in Hong Kong!)

Candi said...

That place totally reminds me of Erin! What a cute puppy. I'm always happy wherever there's a cute dog! My mom has those flowers in the yard, I think they're called primroses? All I know is they come back every year in the spring on their own!

Jueves Feliz to you too :)

simpledaisy said...

Love the house!! It is so cute and cozy looking! I especially love the shepard!! What a beautiful dog! And well, flowers, who couldn't be happy looking at pictures of flowers!! Have a happy Thursday~

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I was trying to figure out how happy Eggs fit into your post...

Then I simply realized that my knowledge of Spanish is horrendous. sigh.

Love the happy little turquoise house! Happy thursday.

Gabbi said...

Happy to hear your settling in nicely at the new Villa!

I love the cottage and your friend from big bear... xo

Deetree said...

Your posts are always the perfect mini-vacation!! Love the cottage!

Deetree said...

Your posts are always the perfect mini-vacation!! Love the cottage!


I would love to live in that house all summer.

jane said...

you are right. these are happy photos. besos-jane

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

That little house is so sweet!
I LOVE your new blog title, it is fabulous! Hope you are enjoying your new home and thank you so much for your sweet comment you left me.
Enjoy your week!
Catherine x

Joyce said...

very happy photos. I love the house, the flowers and the new friend. xoxo

simpledaisy said...

Love that sweet little cottage! I wish it were mine:)
And that shepard...well you know I love them! And trust me they are hairy! Our is shedding right now and I have stopped apolgizing for all the hair all over our house:)
Happy Thursday!